MyMetaverse Integrates DALL·E 2 to Let Collectors Transform Their NFTs

DALL·E 2 is used to redesign already minted NFTs at a click of a button
MyMetaverse Integrates DALL·E 2 to Let Collectors Transform Their NFTs

MyMetaverse, an Enjin Web3 platform founded by Simon Kertonegoto, has integrated DALL·E 2, an AI system allowing MyMetaverse NFT collectors to customize their digital art.

DALL·E 2 by Open AI is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description without using a programming language

This feature will officially launch on Nov. 25. MyMetaverse explained the whole process and how it will operate. MyMetaverse said:

“NFT owners will be able to command DALL·E to augment their art based on their own ideas. Collectors only need to enter a descriptive “prompt” to tell DALL·E what to paint, click “morph”, and then wait 10 seconds to see their new NFT.” 

“When a morph is requested, MyMetaverse sends the image and the prompt to DALL·E 2, which then imitates the original artist’s style and recreates part of the image to match the specifications. This results in a unique collaboration between the artist, the collector, and the AI.”

“NFT owners can now collaborate with DALL·E and the original artist to create something truly unique. They can leave the image as it is, or they can transform it into their own creation. This once again proves that, as we march into the future, digital property rights will continue to give owners more power than ever before.”

Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse.