MyMetaverse is Integrating its Minecraft and GTA Servers into Efinity and Polkadot

MyMetaverse Efinity

MyMetaverse, an NFT-enhanced gaming network that runs its own Minecraft and GTA 5 servers, is planning to integrate all current and future games on its network with the Efinity parachain on Polkadot. The move comes after Efinity’s development team confirmed that their internal tests are enabling them to mint 120 million NFTs per 6-second block. …

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Play The First Crypto GTA RP Server With NFT Rewards

GTA RP Mymetaverse server

MyMetaverse – a cross-platform gaming network powered by Enjin that links multiple gaming worlds – will soon launch the world’s first NFT-powered Grand Theft Auto server Meta City. Players will be able to keep track of their in-game achievements and stats Meta City: Grand Theft Auto through MetaCitizen NFT. A MetaCitizen NFT is basically the …

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MyMetaverse Will Launch Real Estate NFTs For Minecraft Players

MyMetaverse Launches Real Estate NFTs For Minecraft Players

MyMetaverse, a cross-platform gaming network powered by Enjin, will launch 5 PM AST real estate NFTs for Minecraft. By playing in MyMetaverse’s Meta City: Minecraft server, you can earn in-game lands for free and keep them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in your Enjin Wallet. Currently, there are a total of 70 real estate NFTs that you can get by …

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MyMetaverse: An Eco-Friendly Gaming Platform

MyMetaverse Eco Friendly Gaming Platform

With NFTs gaining a lot of popularity lately, we have seen a rise in Ethereum’s energy consumption since most NFTs are created on the Ethereum network. It is estimated that the annual power consumption of Ethereum is equivalent to the power consumption of Portugal.  MyMetaverse, a platform powered by Enjin which brings together games and NFTs under …

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Mint ERC-1155 Tokens on Demand With Wordpress & Nifty Basket

Today, the MyMetaverse team has announced the launch of Nifty Basket, a WordPress plugin that automatically mints ERC-1155 Ethereum tokens on demand. WordPress is the world’s most popular website building tool and is used by over 455 million sites. This new plug-and-play WordPress integration uses the popular Enjin Development Platform to mint and send Ethereum assets as they are purchased by customers. The Nifty Basket team has advised that the plugin can be installed within a few minutes and no development experience is required.

Nifty Basket was created by an Australian company called Parallel Planes, who designed the WordPress integration to distribute assets through its flagship platform, MyMetaverse. The team has recently launched a blockchain-integrated Minecraft server, where players can synchronize their blockchain wallet to Minecraft, allowing them to use their Ethereum-based ERC-1155 tokens to unlock special characters, weapons, ranks, and content.

“The Ethereum Blockchain and the Enjin Platform have allowed us to break down barriers that we never knew existed,” said Simon Kertonegoro, Project Manager of MyMetaverse. “Today, everyday gamers can jump onto our website, buy some tokens, receive them to their non-custodial Enjin Wallet, and then use those same tokens to access exclusive content in Minecraft and other incredible games like Forgotten Artifacts. The fact that we can create assets with fixed supply and proven scarcity, and then allow players to use them across multiple games and apps has huge implications for an internet of value that is willing itself into existence.”

ERC-1155 tokens, in particular, have been growing in prominence since the standard was adopted by Ethereum in June 2018. A large community of developers, including Microsoft and Binance, have used the Enjin Platform to mint over 52 million blockchain assets. The Enjin team has also announced that they will be releasing a Minecraft plugin that will streamline the Ethereum-adoption process for Minecraft servers. Enjin’s previous Minecraft plugin, called DonationCraft, is one of the most popular Minecraft plugins in the world, attracting over 5 million downloads.

Enjincraft: Supercharge Your Minecraft Server With Blockchain-Based Items & Stand Out

Minecraft Enjincraft server supercharge it using enjin blockchain

Enjin Released the EnjinCraft plugin & Java SDK allowing server owners to supercharge their Minecraft servers. The plugin can integrate items from various blockchain games including the Gaming Multiverse ones. MyMetaverse is already using Enjicraft and offers to the players’ true item ownership. Players can earn in-game items and later sell them to the marketplace …

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