MyMetaverse is Integrating its Minecraft and GTA Servers into Efinity and Polkadot

MyMetaverse Efinity

MyMetaverse, an NFT-enhanced gaming network that runs its own Minecraft and GTA 5 servers, is planning to integrate all current and future games on its network with the Efinity parachain on Polkadot. The move comes after Efinity’s development team confirmed that their internal tests are enabling them to mint 120 million NFTs per 6-second block.

In an article posted yesterday, the MyMetaverse team explained that they will enable players to use their Efinity NFTs in Minecraft, GTA 5, and other games. The team have stated that it’s their goal to become the real-life version of Ready Player One’s virtual world called the Oasis, by partnering up with mainstream game studios and giving them an easy way to adopt Efinity NFTs.

“You can mint twenty million NFTs per second on Efinity’s layer one blockchain. There is no other layer one or layer two solution with this kind of NFT scalability on its roadmap or horizon. Meanwhile, Efinity is already in closed alpha and posting these numbers,” said Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse. “When Efinity goes live, NFT volume is going to flow organically onto it. I honestly think it’s the fastest, most affordable, and most feature-rich NFT blockchain that can ever exist.”

MyMetaverse aims to enable a future where players can purchase NFTs that can be used in multiple games. The company’s technology stack is specifically designed to enable game developers to create persistent cross-game experiences where players can take their NFTs with them as they move from game to game.

The MyMetaverse team has previously launched NFT land plots in their Meta Minecraft Server. Players can currently earn them for free, own them forever and trade them freely. MyMetaverse will also be launching a creator hub that will enable creators to mint art NFTs that can be hung up on walls, as well as music NFTs that can be played on radios in Minecraft, GTA, and other games that come to the MyMetaverse Network.

About MyMetaverse

MyMetaverse is aiming to become the real-life version of Ready Player One’s virtual world called “the Oasis”. Game studios can use MyMetaverse’s tools to mint NFTs and integrate them into their virtual worlds. Creators, artists, musicians, video producers are also able to mint NFTs that can be integrated into games that adopt the MyMetaverse platform. The minting and integration platform is currently in closed beta and the team is focussing on building their own games, Minecraft servers, and GTA servers while honing their NFT infrastructure. Once the backend microservices, APIs, and creator hubs that power MyMetaverse are complete, the platform will be open for all game studios to adopt.