Pegaxy and to Enhance Web3 Gaming Experience

Pegaxy and to Enhance Web3 Gaming and Cryptocurrency Integration

Web3 gaming pioneer, Pegaxy, and leading digital currency platform,, have announced a partnership. This strategic alliance aims to enhance the Web3 gaming experience, allowing for easier access and increased enjoyment for all players.

Joint Venture for a Better Gaming Experience

Pegaxy and aim to revolutionize the gaming experience by merging the thrill of Mirai Labs’ games, including Pegaxy, with the convenience offered by the ecosystem. The centerpiece of this collaboration is the integration of these games into’s web3 gaming platform, Coins Arcade.

Coins Arcade, a part of the Coins app, provides a Web 3.0 wallet for users to safely store tokens earned through Web 3.0 games. This partnership will, therefore, not only offer an enthralling gaming experience but also provide a safe and convenient system for managing digital assets.

While the launch date of Pegaxy on Coins Arcade remains uncertain, both parties have assured that the audience will be kept informed with complete details regarding the anticipated launch.

About is a popular platform in the Philippines for buying, selling, and storing cryptocurrency. It has over 16 million users and offers various financial services through its easy-to-use mobile app.

About Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a popular Player versus Player (PvP) horse racing game that offers participants the opportunity to earn rewards. The game sets the stage for exciting competition as players strive to outperform seven other racers in conditions that incorporate various randomized elements like wind, water, fire, speed, and more.