MyMetaverse is Integrating its Minecraft and GTA Servers into Efinity and Polkadot

MyMetaverse Efinity

MyMetaverse, an NFT-enhanced gaming network that runs its own Minecraft and GTA 5 servers, is planning to integrate all current and future games on its network with the Efinity parachain on Polkadot. The move comes after Efinity’s development team confirmed that their internal tests are enabling them to mint 120 million NFTs per 6-second block. …

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Play The First Crypto GTA RP Server With NFT Rewards

GTA RP Mymetaverse server

MyMetaverse – a cross-platform gaming network powered by Enjin that links multiple gaming worlds – will soon launch the world’s first NFT-powered Grand Theft Auto server Meta City. Players will be able to keep track of their in-game achievements and stats Meta City: Grand Theft Auto through MetaCitizen NFT. A MetaCitizen NFT is basically the …

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