LEAK: The First GTA 6 Gameplay Footage

The First GTA 6 Gameplay Footage

Grand Theft Auto 6 videos have reportedly been leaked by a GTAForums user who posted a zip file containing 90 clips of in-development gameplay.

The user teapotuberhacker also said that he could leak more videos, source code, and test build for the upcoming Rockstar game. 

It’s been nine years since Rockstar released GTA 5. Since then, it has been THE most successful video in history. After GTA 5, the community is eagerly waiting for GTA 6, but they were getting no response from the developers. This year, finally, we got a response from Rockstar that GTA 6 is in development.

Now that the alleged gameplay has been leaked, it has overtaken the internet. The leaked gameplay includes gunplay, NPC conversations, and gang robberies. Previously, there were rumors going around the internet that GTA 6 would feature a female protagonist and GTA: Vice City setting. Those rumors prove to be true if the leaked footage is of GTA 6.

Watch The Leaked GTA 6 Gameplay Footage (All Videos)

Even though we know who posted the videos online, the actual source of the video files is still unknown. The user who posted the video claims that the files were downloaded directly from Rockstar’s internal Slack groups.

Different people have different opinions on the upcoming game as the videos are on the internet. Some would criticize that Rockstar has reused GTA 5’s elements in the new game, while others would argue that the improved voice conversations prove that the game will be awesome and the leaks are legitimate.

According to experts, the leaks we’re seeing now are of previous builds (almost two years ago) and do not correspond to the final product. The actual game will be much better and have sleek graphics. There is a debate going on the internet that the leaks might delay GTA 6 release even further, but others argue that it would not affect the release. 

We hope to see NFTs in the latest GTA, and we see no reason why not. NFTs will definitely make the game more interesting with user-ownership of specific in-game items such as skins, cars, guns, etc.