Launches “Carbon Sink NFTs” Backed by a Fractionalized Carbon-Credit Economy

MyMetaverse has announced the launch of its carbon-offset backed economy, where users can purchase fractionalized carbon credits and use them to mint NFTs. As users pay for NFT transaction fees on MyMetaverse, the fractionalized carbon is locked inside those NFTs – turning the NFTs into real-world carbon sinks and providing a provable and measurable benefit to human society and planet Earth itself.

MyMetaverse enables users to mint NFTs, transfer them to other people, and withdraw them into their non-custodial wallets. When these transactions occur, carbon offsets are attributed to the NFTs and removed from the MyMetaverse’s economy, forcing MyMetaverse to purchase more carbon credits to replenish its reserves. This means, as certain NFTs are transacted upon more often than others, they will gain more carbon-backing and provide a higher societal value than others.

MyMetaverse is currently minting their NFTs on Enjin’s carbon-neutral blockchain, JumpNet. The blockchain itself consumes as little electricity as the average U.S. household, and Enjin has purchased further carbon credits to offset all of the companies’ operations. With the extra fractionalized carbon credits MyMetaverse is backing its NFTs with, the carbon footprint of these assets is truly in the negative.

“At MyMetaverse we want to give everyday gamers the ability to earn NFTs and literally help save the world, just by playing games” said Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse. “Up until now a lot of people thought this was just an outrageous marketing claim, but this initiative is just one example of how we can use NFTs to make a measurable difference in the world.”

Once the MyMetaverse platform is ready, the company intends to open it up for other game and app developers to use. When game developers mint and send NFTs through the MyMetaverse platform they too will be backing those NFTs with carbon. MyMetaverse will also launch an art, music, and video NFT minting panel where creators can mint NFTs that have a positive impact on the environment, and use them to build communities.

“We’re looking forward to the day that we can open MyMetaverse up to all creators,” said Kertonegoro. “We hope to enable people from all over the world to integrate NFTs into their businesses in ways that positively impact their community and removes carbon from the atmosphere.”

About MyMetaverse – Founded in 2019, MyMetaverse is a games library, app store, and metaverse explorer for NFT experiences. The platform is built to enable game developers to adopt NFTs with ease. To ensure MyMetaverse has all of the features any game developer could want or need, the company has built two games so far: MyMeta Minecraft and MyMeta MMO. These games serve as a blueprint for future MyMetaverse adopters to learn from as they explore the benefits of blockchain technology.