MyMetaverse Will Launch Real Estate NFTs For Minecraft Players

MyMetaverse Launches Real Estate NFTs For Minecraft Players

MyMetaverse, a cross-platform gaming network powered by Enjin, will launch 5 PM AST real estate NFTs for Minecraft. By playing in MyMetaverse’s Meta City: Minecraft server, you can earn in-game lands for free and keep them as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in your Enjin Wallet.

Currently, there are a total of 70 real estate NFTs that you can get by just playing Minecraft on the Meta City server. These NFTs can be bought inside the game using Capital Coins, an in-game virtual currency you can earn by defeating Minecraft Mobs

What makes these NFTs amazingly different from others is their customization. You can give your NFT a name of your own choice, and anything you build on your land will get updated in your NFT. Your land can be viewed on ERC-1155 blockchain wallets and explorers like EnjinX.

Real estate NFTs in Meta City gives you full ownership of your game progress, meaning you have the right to sell or trade it as an NFT using online exchanges.

MyMetaverse Eco Friendly Gaming Platform
MyMetaverse Will Launch Real Estate NFTs For Minecraft Players 29

“We are doing the opposite of what people expected us to do with our real estate NFTs. Instead of charging large sums of money for them, we’re giving them out for free, instead of creating NFTs that represent content that anyone can view, these unlock special benefits for owners, and instead of minting NFTs that are static, we have created dynamic NFTs that evolve alongside the owners’ in-game experience.”

Simon Kertonegoro, CEO of MyMetaverse.

About MyMetaverse

MyMetaverse is a project that connects different games, economies, characters, and other in-game items in a single platform where players can own tokenized lands, trade, and build. 

Their team is working on different gaming projects like MyMeta Minecraft, MyMeta Roblox, MyMeta Twitch, MyMeta Discord, and MyMeta Telegram, allowing players to interact on a wide variety of platforms. 

MyMeta Minecraft is the first NFT server based on Enjincraft, an open-source Blockchain-based server by Enjin that allows players to link their Enjin wallets and use Minecraft ERC-1155 tokens.

MyMetaverse is also the world’s most eco-friendly gaming platform that has removed 4-times its carbon emissions for this year and uses fewer than 50 tonnes of carbon per annum.