Nestables Public Alpha To Kick-Off on February 24th

Nestables Alpha Launch

After the closed pre-alpha success, Nestables continues development with public alpha to be on the horizon. 

The Nestables team has announced the public alpha launch on February 24th for those who own a Nestables Founders Token NFT. The game is based on the Enjin platform which is getting ready to launch the the Efinity blockchain after securing the 6th parachain spot in Polkadot‘s auctions. 

Winning a spot on Polkadots parachain auction means atomic fees and, of course, a free-to-play and free-to-trade environment. Until Efinity is fully operational, the team has said they don’t want to call this stage “Beta” as development and improvements are on their way.

About Nestables

Nestables in a play-to-earn collectible game, powered by Enjin with lots of gameplay features.

Currently in, pre-alpha Nestables allows gamers to collect, trade, and breed 3D ‘Cubes’, each of which has their own unique personality and physical traits. To make your Cubes stand out even more, you can customize them with various wearables like costumes and accessories.

There is also an interview about Nestables, which you can find here