Nissan Files Metaverse-Related Trademark Applications 

Nissan Files Metaverse-Related Trademark Applications 

Famous car manufacturer Nissan filed four trademark applications regarding NFTs and metaverse-related content on March 7, according to @kondoudislaw, a USPTO licensed trademark attorney.

Nissan filed those trademarks for the luxury vehicle division INFINITYNISMO, and NISSAN. The trademarks filed show Nissan’s intention to establish an NFT marketplace and develop virtual goods such as cars and clothes.

According to the trademark itself, Nissan plans to use “downloadable electronic data files featuring NFTs created with blockchain-based technology; downloadable multimedia files containing artwork, text, video, audio or combinations thereof, relating to clothing, footwear, headgear, trading cards, automobiles, SUVs, trucks, toys, …land, buildings …authenticated by NFTs.

Additionally, “provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of NFTs…; online retail store services concerning virtual goods, blockchain tokens, digital tokens, NFTs, digital media, digital files, and digital assets; online retail store services about virtual goods…; advertising and marketing services provided through the metaverse…

Software for creating, minting, sending, receiving, accepting, trading, storing, tracking, authenticating and transmitting NFTs and video…; providing temporary use of software for use as a digital wallet…

This isn’t the car manufacturer’s first move into the world of the metaverse and NFTs, as last year it announced the creation of a virtual showroom to launch cars and host events using an AR interface called invisible-to-Visible.