Oasys Partners With tofuNFT to Expand its Gaming Ecosystem

Oasys Partners With tofuNFT to Expand its Gaming Ecosystem

Oasys, a blockchain developed specifically for gamers, announced a partnership with tofuNFT, the largest multi-chain NFT marketplace, to expand Oasys’ gaming ecosystem!

As part of the deal, the tofuNFT marketplace will be integrated into the Oasys expansive ecosystem and in future gaming projects such as the “Verse,” the gaming-focused layer-2 on Oasys. The Verse is an Oasys project that will see many different “Verses” living on their own. Oasys’ strategic partnership with tofuNFT will see each Verse integrating the tofuNFT marketplace!

“Through our partnership with tofuNFT, we envisage bringing together both gaming communities and blockchain gaming ecosystems to usher in the next phase of the industry’s growth. It is incredibly exciting to be joining hands with a partner who has deep GameFi expertise and an extensive network, as we collectively shape the industry’s future and work towards a shared goal of driving the mass adoption of blockchain technology.”

Daiki Moriyama, Director, Oasys

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with Oasys as it continues to grow from strength to strength, and increasingly onboards more and more Layer-2 blockchain gaming projects. With NFT marketplaces functioning as a key defining feature of blockchain games, we look forward to leveraging Oasys’ deep ties with traditional gaming institutions and offering our solutions to encourage the uptake of blockchain gaming .”

Yu Numazaki, Co-founder of tofuNFT

This announcement came a few days after Oasys announced that SEGA will build its first blockchain game on the Oasys blockchain! Ryo Matsubara, the Oasys representative director, shared his opinion about gaming giants joining the NFT space, stating that “this is an entirely new model and needs time to evolve before gaming studios integrate it into traditional games.”