Starbucks Oddysey Launches Second Exclusive NFTs 

Starbucks Oddysey Launches Second Exclusive NFTs 
Starbucks Oddysey Launches Second Exclusive NFTs 

Hey egamers, buckle up because Starbucks is back with another round of NFTs through its Odyssey rewards program! This new drop, called the “First Store Collection” is set to hit the virtual shelves on April 19. So get ready to grab one of the 5,000 NFT stamps minted on the Polygon blockchain for $100 each.

This collection is a blend of multimedia collages, in-store textures, and iconic images, all inspired by Starbucks’ first-ever store in Seattle. If you snag one of these limited-edition digital goodies, you’ll score a sweet 1,500 points on your Starbucks Odyssey app. Plus, if you own more than two NFTs from the first collection, you’ll get early dibs on the latest mint.

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But wait, there’s more! Starbucks Odyssey is gearing up for its public launch after brewing in closed beta for months. The company recently hinted in an email to beta testers that the big reveal is just around the corner.

Once the second NFT drop wraps up, Starbucks Odyssey will shift gears to reward beta users based on their points. Starting April 24, you’ll be able to score some sweet perks like a virtual coffee prep class and even contribute to Feeding America charity.

Other cool rewards include naming a tree at Starbucks’ Costa Rican coffee farm or sipping unlimited free coffee for a whole month! To rack up points on the app, just complete in-app objectives like buying your fave drinks from Starbucks stores or engaging with their content.

So, java junkies, stay alert and get ready to dive into the world of Starbucks NFTs and rewards!