Own a Piece of The Future in The Sandbox Public Land Sale

The Sandbox Public Land Sale

The Sandbox Public Land Sale is about to begin through waves this year. Each wave will feature unique themes, content, and partners. The SAND token will be the only form of payment on every sale. 

On February 11th at 1 PM UTC, the first wave will go live with CoinMarketCap and includes 9 ESTATES and 1,200 Premium LANDS. Each Premium LAND includes 2x CoinMarketCap exclusive NFTs among 5 Epic superhero assets. The 9 Estates will be available through an auction on Opensea. A 6th Legendary NFT will be available in a bonus event following the first wave’s completion.

To be eligible for the 6th Legendary NFT, you must collect first all the 5 Epicsuperhero assets. 

Listen to the Games From The Block Podcast With Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox.

How To Participate in The Sale

To participate in The Sandbox sale, you must set up one of the following crypto wallets:

The SAND token is the only form of payment in the sale, so you have to hold SAND tokens before accessing. You can buy SAND tokens in various Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and then withdraw them to your wallet.

Visit The Sandbox on February 11th at 1 PM UTC and buy LAND on The Sandbox Map.

Most of The Sandbox presales have sold out extremely quickly, so to be there on time is critical, especially if you want a specific plot.

Visit The Sandbox Website.

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