MMO Game Megaworld BNB Pack Sale Continues

P2E MMO MegaWorld Expands on BNB Chain

Massive multiplayer and Web3 strategy game MegaWorld has announced some exciting goals for 2023, planning to release a new city on the BNB chain with the land gameplay starting Feb. 15.

Megaworld is on a quest to explore new possibilities and create a new city for 2023. A massive and busy metropolis, to be specific. As part of the official announcement, a BNB Chain Starter Pack Sale will occur in the upcoming days. Keep reading to learn additional information.

MegaWorld Throwback

The first district in MegaWorld was opened back in May 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain. Back then, players would purchase land plots and construct huge buildings on a 2D map under their names as NFTs. In 2019, MegaWorld evolved into a fully-fledged 3D virtual city, operating on the TRON network, ultimately allowing even more players to join the game.

Now, MegaWorld has expanded on the BNB Chain. Starting Q1 2023, players on other chains will require materials produced on the BNB Chain. For example, Buildings in Ethereum city will ask for Concrete created exclusively from TRON and Plastic from BNB in order to be constructed and maintained.”

From Feb. 15, players will be able to construct all types of functional buildings, points of interest, and public transport on their obtained land plots on BNB.

A New Airport and the BNB Starter Packs

To facilitate cross-chain trading between ETH, TRON, and now BNB, the game has decided to build an airport allowing asset transfers between cities. There, players will have to pay a ticket paid in $MEGA.

On Feb. 2, community members of MegaWorld will be able to purchase BNB starter packs from the official store to provide themselves with initial assets to start building on the new metropolis (BNB chain). The starter pack cost will begin from 0.25 BNB and increase by 1% in price each day until sold out.

These packs will be limited in quantity, with only 2,200 of them being put for sale. However, by getting their hands on a BNB chain starter pack, players will have a big chance to receive a unique collectible NFT Pet and 20 Supercars.

The first players to acquire packs will have a massive advantage in the metropolis as they will be able to establish production on BNB city land plots starting Feb. 15.