Pathfinders Closed Beta Giveaway

Pathfinders Closed Beta Giveaway

Pathfinders closed beta is now available for everyone that owns a Founders Token (PFT). The company behind the game, “InFocus Games” celebrates the launch by giving away in-game ERC-1155 assets.

One lucky winner will receive a Founder token which grants instant access to the closed beta. In addition, PFT grants you occasionally rewards and perks for as long as you hold it in your wallet

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About Pathfinders

Built with the Enjin technology Pathfinders is a Sci-Fi Top-Down-Shooter blockchain game. Players can loot ENJ backed items that can use in the game or put them for sale on the EnjinX platform.

The game offers 5 different modes where you can upgrade and travel with your spaceship, fight waves of monsters as well as compete with other players in real-time.

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