Pegaxy to Allow 15 Pegas per Race & Switch off 3D Racing

The automated racing horse game Pegaxy has announced today, 14/3, that big changes are coming to the game through a tweet.

The developers have decided to increase the number of horses that race in each match to 15 from 12, decreasing the possibility of winning by a lot, considering the price of $VIS is dropping and the gameplay is not yet player-controlled.

In order for this update to be completed, the 3D racing feature will be switched off for seven days and switched back on once completed.

There will also be a maintenance tomorrow at 7 AM UTC (you can see all the times in the tweet above)

That’s not all, as the developers plan to create a new marketplace, inspired by two of their team members, Rocha and Igor, that built the legendary Elite Breeders Club marketplace, with the slogan, Less clicks, higher accuracy

 Less clicks, higher accuracy, with all its meaning. RampNetwork is now available on Pegaxy’s web app, where users can now access it and turn their cryptos into fiat. CoinbaseWallet is also available throughout the Pegaxy web app.

About Pegaxy

Pegaxy is an automated horse racing game where 12 horses race in each match. The goal is to finish in the top three spots, and future updates promise a “skill-based gameplay.” Finishing in the Top 3 will reward players with VIS, the play-to-earn, Polygon-based rewarding token.

Pegaxy has spiked the interest of blockchain gamers due to its interesting burning mechanisms. So far, stats from the Apollo platform show that minting vs burning is very close with some minting spikes happening due to VIS unlock from big guilds.

As of now, VIS burning happens with breeding and Pega name change while an upcoming feature with NITRO Boost is expected to arrive. The Nitro boost will probably bring back less VIS per win, but it’s mandatory to keep the economy healthy and the player-base is eager to try it.

We understand that Pegaxy is trying to avoid the mistakes of Axie Infinity (SLP) and provide burning mechanisms for the play-to-earn token shorter than expected.