PLAY! POP! GO! Integrates Chainlink VRF to Help Ensure Fair Distribution of Traits

PLAY! POP! GO! Integrates Chainlink VRF to Help Ensure Fair Distribution of Traits

PLAY! POP! GO!, a direct-to-consumer art, fashion, and lifestyle omniverse created by visual artist Amber Park announced the integration of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Ethereum mainnet.

By integrating the industry-leading decentralized oracle network, PLAY! POP! GO! now has the ability to ensure that the traits for each NFT are generated in a provably fair manner. From now on, everyone has the same chance of generating the rarest NFTs.


Created by Korean American visual artist and director Amber Park, PLAY! POP! GO! is an innovative fashion and lifestyle project designed to connect the world of high-end streetwear with Web3. The project takes an innovative approach to merchandise by creating bold, colorful, and genderless designs that can be worn both IRL and in the metaverse.

Amber Park has a long history in the art industry as she collaborated with many famous artists, including Katy Perry, Camila Cabello, and Lil Yachty. She also created immersive content for Apple Music, Vevo, and Vogue. Now in the Web3 industry, she produced content for Solana and her recent NFT project, “I LIKE YOU, YOU’RE WEIRD,” sold out in under 5 minutes generating close to $3M in revenue and $9M+ in aftermarket sales.

Chainlink VRF

Chainlink VRF is a highly secure and provably fair source of on-chain randomness for all kinds of blockchain-based applications, NFTs, and games. Random Number Generation (RNG) is a mechanism for unpredictability. 

RNG secures the outcome against reverse engineering. However, it’s vulnerable to miner attacks, and it requires complete trust in the data provider when it comes to off-chain implementation. 

Chainlink VRF is explicitly designed to support smart contracts’ needs, providing them with an open-source and easily integrated RNG solution directly auditable on-chain by any user via cryptographic proofs. With this technology, even the oracle provider or the project developers can’t tamper the outcome.