PokerGO Play Announces Early Access and Exclusive Discounts

PokerGO Play Announces Early Access and Exclusive Discounts

PokerGO Play, an upcoming web3 social casino game, has officially entered its Early Access phase on Gala Games. What’s more, for the early birds, Gala Games is offering a limited-time promotion on NFT Avatar Frames available in their store.

Benefits of Early Adoption

Gala Games is providing a unique opportunity for its members: a one-week exclusive discount on Avatar Frames ahead of the game’s formal release. Players who seize this offer can not only purchase their Avatar Frame at a reduced price but also begin their upgrades sooner.

But why the buzz around Avatar Frames? These frames aren’t just for aesthetics:

  • Daily Chip Boosts: Owning an Avatar Frame NFT means players kick off their day with a higher chip count. The rarer the frame, the greater the daily chip allocation.
  • Increased Chip Retention: Players with an Avatar Frame can retain a larger portion of their chips for subsequent days of play.
  • Additional Modifier Slots: As the game evolves, players can expect Abilities and Hand Upgrades, which will be available in the Slots connected to their frame. The frame’s rarity determines the number of slots available.
  • Frame Power Upgrades: Players can harness the power of experience points (XP) to boost their Avatar Frame’s capabilities, enhancing their chip collection and retention rates.

For those eager to enhance their PokerGO Play experience, all frame rarities are available at a 10% discount for the initial week.

Sweepstakes: The Core Reward Mechanism

The essence of PokerGO Play lies in its Sweepstakes feature. Players strive to amass chips, known as their daily “Take.” This accumulated Take gets converted into entries for weekly Sweepstakes, with each entry holding the potential of bagging a $GALA reward.

A detailed breakdown of the Sweepstakes and its underlying mechanics will be elaborated upon in an upcoming blog post, with a comprehensive look at this distinctive rewards system.

Get Set for the First $GALA Sweepstakes!

Players, gear up! The first-ever Sweepstakes of PokerGO Play is slated to go live early in the forthcoming month, although the exact date remains under wraps. The initial prize pool boasts an impressive sum of $5000, urging players to bring their top game to the table.

In its quest to revolutionize the online poker domain, PokerGO Play fuses the thrill of the game with the allure of NFT ownership and the promise of $GALA rewards. Whether you’re a poker novice or a seasoned maestro, PokerGO Play promises an unmatched gaming journey. Dive into the world of PokerGO Play now!