Project Uanon: A Tezos Puzzle Game With $100,000 in Prizes

Project Uanon

Project Uanon is an alternate reality adventure puzzle game on the Tezos blockchain. As a player, your task is to solve the mystery of the world’s first biological computer virus: the VOID-9. 

The game offers a total of $100,000 in prize money that can be won by players who can get to the truth by cracking challenging puzzles.

What is Project Uanon?

To get a better idea of what Project Uanon is about, let’s go back to 2012 when “the most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age” called Cicada 3301 went viral on the internet after an anonymous user posted an image that contained hidden clues. 

Those who were able to find the hidden message received ten clues every year from the unknown image poster through a series of other puzzles for three years.

Uanon game involves mysterious puzzles, but it will be a modern game for web 3.0 on a blockchain. Players will compete individually or in teams to solve various puzzles and submit zero-knowledge puzzle proofs to receive money.

Prize Money

Project Uanon consists of 6 game seasons. The prize money (given in Tezos XTZ tokens) for each season is as follows:

  • Season 1 – $10,000 
  • Season 2 – $10,000 
  • Season 3 – $10,000  
  • Season 4 – $10,000 
  • Season 5 – $10,000 
  • Season 6 + Final Prize – $50,000 (Given to the first player who will solve all 6 seasons)

There is also a community prize at the end for the winners, however, the exact amount has not been disclosed yet.

Truth Shards 

Truth Shards are in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs) given to players who find solutions to different puzzles every season. To participate in the end game prize worth $50,000, a player must have Truth Shards from the previous seasons.

A ranking system will also be introduced to show leaderboards based on the Truth Shards players in the game.

Moreover, players can open their Truth Shards using a 3D viewer on the web, containing new puzzles and game secrets.

Story of Project Uanon

Drew Taylor, the Co-Founder of Chain of Insight, received an email requesting them to build a game from an anonymous user who signed his email with just the letter “U.” The project was referred to as “Uanon Project” since they had no other information about U except U’s email address (

U sent some demo puzzles to the COI team to turn them into a form of a game. “At first, we were just meming on them, but at some point, we realized the puzzles were actually impressive.” the co-founder of COI said. 

For four months, COI collaborated with this mysterious user to bring these fascinating puzzles on Dapp and launch Project Uanon.