Revoland Raises $10.6M Funding in Seed and Pre-Sale Rounds

Revoland Funding

Revoland has just announced that they received $10.6M funding in pre-sale and seed rounds led by Polygon Ventures and Hashkey Capital. 

Revoland will now use this funding to expand its team as well as improve game design, and business development. Other than that, some renowned gaming guilds are also partnering with Revoland.

Revoland on This Funding

“The endorsement from established and thorough crypto venture capitalists is a massive boost for the platform and the sphere at large. The decision by the sixteen funds to add Revoland to their diverse, multi-sector portfolios in a bear market points to the quality of the project and the potential of the space”

Who Else Participated in the Fundraise?

  • Arcanum Capital
  • One Block Capital
  • Gene Vision 
  • Yield Master
  • Atlas Capital
  • PlayPark
  • AKG Venture
  • MX Investment
  • Tian Ge Interactive
  • Winston International
  • AW Capital
  • Crypto Nord
  • LinkVC
  • Phemex Venture

Revoland and Chain X Game

Chain X Game is a London-based game publisher that also happens to be the publisher of Revoland. As Chain X Game handles all the marketing and publishing tasks, it’s doing quite well at targeting investors, P2E enthusiasts, and most importantly, hardcore gamers that are here just to play the game, skill up and win.

Chain X Game CEO Jimmy said, “With Revoland, we’ve created a space where players will have full control over their in-game assets, take an active part in the construction of the game ecosystem, promote its development and act as its governors through leveraging REVO, our governance token”

With over 15,000 registered players, Puppy Planets is Chain X Game’s first-ever play-to-earn game. Puppy Planet integrates decentralized yield farm applications and NFT games. To describe its success, 30,000 NFTs have been minted generating over $3M worth of trading volume. 


Based on blockchain, Revoland is an e-sport game where players can form a team by gathering their friends and battling with others. This way, they can earn tokens. To play the game and win, the players have to show extraordinary teamwork skills. 

$LAND is the native token of Revoland – the token can be used to buy new characters and upgrade lots of stuff.