RTS Game Hash Rush Implements Trading Between Players

Hash Rush Trading between players is live.
Hash Rush

Hash Rush a real-time strategy game that focuses on competing for resources, items, and Rush coins, has enabled trading between players in it’s playtest version.

In the universe of Hash Rush, which is one of the oldest blockchain games in existence, Ernacks are the main creatures that help you mine, build, and attack creatures to earn resources used for different purposes.

Hash Rush Trading

In the game, resources collected from various actions can be used to craft heroes and equipment for the heroes. Now with the updated playtest, you can trade them with other players on the Vorto Network.


Upcoming Hash Rush Event

An event will also take place in the playtest, where you can earn a copy of Sarnack’s NFT that will follow you to the live game.

In order to collect this NFT, you must craft a Sarnack during the playtest, then receive it when the playtest end in your Vorto Network account.

The Hash Rush Comic

On November 4th, Hash Rush released a comic by Neal Adams known for working on comics like Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.