Rune Game Review: A Mix of RPG Farming and Frenzy Browser Gaming.

Rune is a brand new game on the BSC with a pretty active Telegram community of around 18k members, a market price that sits around the 260$, and a market cap of 5 Million USD (at the time we are writing this review).

The first thing I found when I entered the website, was the massive amount of info, which is quite nice (even more with the beloved Diablo fonts), so you don’t have to scramble looking for guides to try to decode and find out what you have to do.

There is an extensive Wiki of the game where you will find every detail, from lore, guilds, weapons races, classes, and even a very nice explanation about the risk involved in crypto gaming investing, which is the first one I find on this type of games so I felt it was a nice touch to add, especially with the mass influx of new blockchain users. 

To start the game you have to swap some BNB into $RUNES directly on-site and you can start with an investment of around 50$ to create your first character and craft your first item. Then as usual you connect your Metamask and set up your account for 0.15 runes(this amount changes depending on $RUNE price + 2 minimal gas operations.

At this point in development, the class you choose makes no difference except on the items you can use, but this might change in the future especially on the PVP mode(coming soon), so feel free to pick the class you love the most, I chose a necromancer because not many games have this class and I really like it.

Then you will have one of the guilds and select your character name all in all you will need to sign 3 more minimal gas operations.

Once you´ve set up your account you can go to the Evolution P2E Tab where you will find a detailed tutorial on how to play the game and each game mode, after you choose server and realm you will enter the game (it’s very important that you only play on one server and realm or your account can get flagged and banned).

Every match lasts 5 minutes and the objectives change every game, this serves 2 purposes, keeping engagement and preventing bots. After each match, the top 5 players will get rewarded in runes. Every 10 seconds some runes will also appear on the match so you can get them even if you don’t get to the top 5.

After 1 hour of playing without ever hitting the top 5 I got 0.90$ in runes, but speaking with the community if you consistently get on the top 5 you can make between 10$ to 30$ every 2 hours. (at the time of this article).


Rune has added RPG elements to pool farming so if you want to improve your gains you can craft armor and weapons with the different runes for equipping in your character each one with its own set of perks, some of which are already implemented while others will come with following updates. 

You can either farm these runes on the P2E mode or you can directly search for the recipe and buy the required ones from the website DEX.

Make sure the item you craft can be equipped by your character before crafting.

After you’ve crafted your items you can do some farming at the mercy of impermanent loss for a chance of a high APR or join one of the pools for a lower but “safer” yield.

The Verdict

Gaming wise the game is very simple but somehow engaging, with simple but effective mechanics and the mixture of RPG elements into pool/farming is something that I think we are going to see more and more as the crypto gaming scene evolves.

As an investment on one side the Devs have chosen to stay anonymous, they have a posted explanation on the website for it that you might want to check out before pouring in funds, you can access their code and bug updates directly on site.

On its Play2Earn element, you will need to stay on the top 5 players each match in order to get a decent profit out of it.

Thank you for reading our Rune Game Review.

You can join RUNE from this link for a 20% cashback. Remember to always DYOR and never invest what you can’t afford to lose, nothing on this review is financial advice.

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