VulcanVerse Visual Update Is Complete – What Coming Next?

VulcanVerse Visual Update Is Complete - What It's Coming?

Earlier this week, Vulcan Forged announced that the VulcanVerse visual update is complete, revealing the new Troy Land Map and also some new exciting gameplay features.

A special addition is coming to VulcanVerse, as the Vulcan Forged development team replicated Troy, the ancient Greek city where the famous Trojan war took place according to Greek literature.

However, Troy is not the only thing coming to Vulcan Verse. In June, VulcanVerse revealed its roadmap for the upcoming months, stating that three development teams were working on VulcanVerse.

So, here we are! The new gameplay features are imminent: Lava Bank, NPCs/Advanced Quests, a New Foraging System, Fishing, and Alchemy.

Lava Bank

The $Lava Bank is located in Vulcan City, and players can “lock” their cold $Lava for a while.

Depending on the $Lava tokens a player has locked, he gets rewarded weekly (7 days after deposit). Talk to the Goblin Banker NPC to learn more about this opportunity!


The first NPC announced is, Garos, the fishmonger of Boreas. Garos will accept any fish you score in the waters of the quadrants for juicy assets and NFTs.

New Advanced Quests

Vulcan has decided to modify the quest system by changing some quests to make better sense and balance the players’ reward, decreasing item inflation.

Players will get two random quests per day! One random quest from two random quest givers. These quests are lost if not competed in a day. These quests can also be rejected and re-accepted within the day.

More quests will be added to the game alongside many futures corresponding to the new functionalities of the game!

Foraging System

Changes in the foraging system will be made. Keys that are acquired by foraging have different chances to drop from the existing loot tables, depending on the Key:

  • Copper Key: 1%
  • Silver Key: 0.25%
  • Gold Key: ~0.042%

Keys in Vulcan Verse are used to open specific chests inside Vulcan City treasure/bank using cold $LAVA. Opening a chest gives access to 2 separate loot tables, one for Cold $LAVA and one for in-game items, depending on the Key used.

Vulcan Verse Fishing

There are four spots available for Fishing, one in each Quadrant. Each Quadrant has its unique fish that can be caught, specifically:

  • Hades Smoulderfish.
  • Arcadia Rainbow Fish.
  • Boreas Silverfish.
  • Notus Sunfire Fish.

To learn more about Fishing, visit the GDD.

Alchemy System

Let me introduce you to the Alchemy System of Vulcan Verse. In Vulcan City, there is a central Alchemy Station. There, players make potions using ingredients. In order to unlock the Alchemy Station, players must complete a short introductory quest for the Alchemy NPC.