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Shield of Shalwend Giveaway

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Shield of Shalwend is a Multiverse blockchain game available to play now in both PC and MAC platforms. Players defend a castle from hordes of elves and the more waves you defeat the higher you will be rewarded in the pantheon of Norse Gods.

Shield of Shalwend Giveaway with enjin backed blockchain items

Furthermore, the game features 14 unique Enjin collectible items. Players that will collect all of them, will receive a Shield of Shalwend MFT backed with 100 Enj.

Shield of Shalwend Giveaway with enjin backed blockchain items

The game released last month with a redesigned gameplay and full Enjin integration. Players have already killed more than 1,337,000 Elves and Enigma Games is celebrating with a Giveaway featuring Enjin backed multiverse items.

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