Shrapnel Unveils Highly Anticipated Trailer Created Using Unreal Engine 5

Shrapnel is one of the first blockchain games created using Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5.
Shrapnel Unveils Highly Anticipated Trailer Created Using Unreal Engine 5

Shrapnel, the world’s first NFT-based moddable AAA first-person shooter game, has released its highly anticipated trailer created using the most cutting-edge 3D creation tool by Epic Games.

The trailer mirrors the game’s blockbuster quality gameplay and graphics. It was created using Unreal Engine 5 and produced in partnership with Sydney-based animation studio Plastic Wax, which has worked on titles like Hitman, Fortnite, Tomb Raider, and more.

Additional support at the trailer production was provided by Jerry O’Flaherty (Directed the trailer), Mark Long (Wrote the trailer), Jesper Kyd (Produced the music) and Alan Rankin (Sound Supervision).

In Shrapnel, players are tasked to find and extract valuable resources as Operators. Operators enter the “The Zone” together with others, resulting in a tense, high-stakes, and competitive environment that encourages risk-taking and rewards skill.

“Producing this trailer was one of the most awesome creative collaborations I’ve ever had. This was my third time working with Jerry O’Flaherty. Like everyone on the team, Jerry is an expert in the cinematic application of Unreal Engine, and Jerry knew how to get the kind of “you are there” immediacy of a handheld virtual camera that the script demanded. The team at Plastic Wax directed a brilliant pair of stunt actors for MOCAP and the creative director there, Nathan Maddams, brought the script to life in a way I never imagined possible. Alan Rankin has a passion for foley that produced an authentic sound design that really sells the action. And Jesper Kyd knocked the score out of the park on the first try. There’s an easter egg with artwork by a Shrapnel community member on a billboard that was fun to slip in. And you’ll notice that the trailer switches to first-person at the end – inviting players to jump in, symbolically. I love everything about this trailer! I think the trailer does a great job, too of succinctly explaining the game by showing instead of telling. You get a taste of the adrenaline-fueled, high stakes extraction FPS that we’ll debut the first playable of early next year. But I have to give credit to where it’s really due to Epic Games and Unreal Engine 5. The Lumen lighting model and especially Epic’s MetaHuman technology, make it possible to achieve your creative vision in a way that’s never been attainable before. I’ve produced games on every version of Unreal going back to the first; UE5 is the biggest generational leap forward. It’s just amazing what developers can do with it now.”

Mark Long, CEO of Shrapnel