Sin City IDO NFTs Coming to Vulcan Forged Marketplace

Vanilla Network Sin City Vulcan Forged

Vanilla Network is working to develop its upcoming casino metaverse known as the” Sin City.” The NFTs are all set to launch on the Vulcan Forged Marketplace next week. The particular NFTs will grant you access to the IDO of Sin City.

Vulcan Forged is a premium blockchain game studio with some high quality upcoming titles that reap the benefits of decentralization. The Vulcan NFT marketplace is growing exponentially and hosts non-fungible tokens from multiple games, even outside the ecosystem of Vulcan Forged. 

Both companies are bear market builders and are pretty passionate about everything they do. 

The main aim behind Sin City, is to create award-winning betting applications that are decentralized in nature. The apps are made to appeal to the betting enthusiasts and for people seeking rewards in the long run as stakeholders. 

The Vanilla Network is driven by blockchain technology. It uses a deflationary ERC-20 token to empower its ecosystem and it’s the world’s first betting system that is community-driven. It also aims to create a staking platform where the house does not win, unlike the traditional ones. All the returns are returned to the users.

The Vanilla Network offers such products that have a complex framework but are simple to understand and easy to use. Also, all the transactions done on this network incur a burn fee of five percent, which helps combat inflation and reduces the supply. 

Vulcan Forged is set to launch VulcanVerse very soon, on the 25th of July, the public beta will open its gates for the players, launching that way the first decentralized MMORPG.