Spider Tanks: Prepare for the May Mayhem Event

Spider Tanks: Prepare for the May Mayhem Event

Hey, egamers, and good month to you all! If you’re a fan of tank-based MOBA esports, Spider Tanks has some cool stuff lined up for you this month. They’ve been working hard to improve their game, and to celebrate, they’re hosting May Mayhem. So, whether you’ve taken a break from Spider Tanks or haven’t tried it yet, now’s the perfect time to dive in!

May Mayhem is all about rewarding players for simply playing the game and winning matches. The event runs for four weeks, with each week featuring its own set of rewards. Just play between Tuesday and Sunday and score those wins to start earning sweet bonuses! To learn more info, head here.

The more wins you rack up, the higher the tier of rewards you’ll unlock. With at least 10 wins, you’ll reach tier 1, and if you’re a real champ with 70 or more wins, you’ll hit tier 4. Everyone who reaches a tier gets components and Arachnium (the in-game currency), plus tickets for a weekly raffle where you can win Tank Parts.

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The Spider Tanks team is keeping quiet about the rewards for the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned to their social channels for updates. And that’s not all – there might be some surprise giveaways and events throughout the month too!

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some recent game updates. Spider Tanks has added custom contracts, allowing tank owners to rent out their tanks to specific pilots and set the reward split. Owners can even set a minimum ELO for renters to make sure only qualified pilots are driving their tanks.

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Players can also enjoy daily and weekly missions, as well as login rewards. Complete these missions to earn components for your garage. Plus, based on player feedback, they’ve bumped up the prep time before matches, giving you more time to choose your abilities.

Lastly, Spider Tanks has tweaked their economy, especially when it comes to SILK distribution. Now, players, map owners, and node owners all share a common pool of SILK. For more info on these changes, check out their official blog post.