Spielworks Announces Public Launch of Its Utility Token $WOMBAT

Spielworks Wombat Wallet Expands Its Versatile With Four More Blockchain Integrations

Even though the current market situation may not seem reasonable, Spielworks is announcing its utility token $WOMBAT.

As we know that the ecosystem has play-to-earn mechanics, the players will now earn rewards in $WOMBAT as they complete missions and quests. With these rewards, they can have prime subscriptions and VIP status along with a wide range of other opportunities within the ecosystem. 

$WOMBAT will also function as the governance token as the holders will be given the privilege to vote and suggest partnerships and integrations with other companies.

As this token is launched, the Wombat Web3 Gaming Platform will now open countless opportunities. Currently, the ecosystem is home to Wombat Wallet, Womplay(a crypto rewards platform), and Wombat Dungeon Master – an NFT staking game by Spielworks. 

Wombat Dungeon Master now has a total of 2.4 million sign-ups and 600,000 staked NFTs making it one of the fastest-growing blockchain gaming ecosystems in the world.