Splinterlands Announces Tower Defence Game

Splinterlands Announces Tower Defence Game

After repeatedly hinting at the new game, Splinterlands has finally announced that their new game is called Splinterlands Tower Defense Game.

The game will utilize the Splinterlands ecosystem and use all the elements such as SPS, Vouchers, Splinterlands cards, and DEC.

Splinterlands Tower Defense Game is an upcoming auto-battler game that will feature NFTs. The NFTs will be in the form of Heroes, Towers, and Spells. The game will provide awesome features that utilize the above-mentioned elements of the Splinterlands ecosystem.

This game will be a little different from other tower defense games. The game will not allow you to make changes during a creep wave. You must set your defense (towers, heroes, and spells), hit the play button, and pray you chose the right strategy.

Splinterlands is eager to add in-game rewards for players that play the game and complete levels. They put an SPS Governance Proposal that said that the Splinterlands team’s one million SPS tokens were to be reallocated to token rewards in the Tower Defense game. So far, it going successful as there is a 97% positive vote.

The game will also feature NFTs handouts. As the players complete levels, they will be given a choice to stop and bank their earnings (after each level). Or, they can directly move on to the next level, but they might lose some or all of their earnings.

SPLTD will bind certain items to your account that ensure a fair game system. You simply won’t be able to buy your way up to the top. For the initial release, the team expects to have 25 different towers along with Spell NFTs.

You can also use the cards from the main Splinterlands game for SPLTD. You can stake cards and convert them into Towers.

The team expects the beta version to come at the end of 2022. They also have plans to include co-op PvE and PvP modes.

SPLTD Pack Sale

According to Splinterlands, the initial pre-sale could happen on September 20th. Those who participate in the pre-sale have the chance to win an exclusive hero. An SPLTD pack costs $8 (if you use a voucher, you get it in $5).

Each pack has 5 tower cards and you can only purchase it with Credits or DEC. Furthermore, the team intends to add aidrop to pack purchasers. If you want to guarantee you airdrop, see the list below:

  • 250,000 packs – Promo Hero 
  • 750,000 packs – Tower (550 packs) 
  • 1,250,000 packs – Spell (600 packs) 
  • 1,750,000 packs – Tower (650 packs)