Splinterlands: The Journey to Praetoria Begins

Splinterlands: The Journey to Praetoria Begins

Users are now able to apply to receive a deed for their owned land plots.

Splinterlands, an online collectible card game, announced earlier this week that its players can now redeem their land tokens in exchange for unsurveyed land deed NFTs.

The scheduled date for this feature was set for today, December 13. In addition, some might wonder what a deed NFT is. A deed NFT is a guaranteed plot on the map of Praetoria. According to the game itself, each deed has its own continent, territory name, region, tract, and plot number. 

For example, we have this plot: PR-PNW-007-03-027

  • PR is for Praetoria
  • PNW is for Pristine Northwest
  • 007 represents the region number
  • 03 represents the tract number &
  • 027 represents the plot number

How to Claim your Deeds and How it Works

Firstly, users are required to convert their existing REGION, TRACT, or PLOT tokens into Unsurveyed Deeds. It is worth saying that if a player selects to claim a REGION, 1,000 consecutive plots will be yielded. If he claims a TRACT, 100 ” and if he claims a PLOT, he will only claim a single plot of course.

The land expansion update is not completed yet. In early 2023 users will be able to survey their land deeds and learn more about them, regarding their rarity, terrain type, resources, and special buildings available on their land.