Superior Game Just Launched on Steam

A few days ago, we discussed why Superior is launching on Steam despite the ongoing NFT ban. We concluded that Superior would be launching without Web3 features. Gala Games officially announced (16/11) yesterday that their first-person shooter just launched and is not playable on the Steam Web3 platform!

The first-person shooter from Gala Games and Drifter is available on the Steam platform for 17,84€ with a 15% discount currently ongoing until November 23.

The game got launched with a ton of content right out the gate: 5 power sets3 playable characters40 weapons26 mobs6 bosses, and more.

Additionally, according to Steam, a major update took place, with some new features and exciting new content being introduced to the game! 


  • New boss: Revolt (New content)
  • New map: Bunker (New content)
  • Added Volt Powers (New content)
  • Xeno and Fire powers damage reigned in a little bit.
  • Added a deposit-all button to the ATM.
  • Added base interest rate to the ATM.
  • Gig and Goal amounts were rebalanced to be more attainable.
  • The amount of XP required per level got significantly reduced.
  • Added hot new music tracks and sound effects.


  • Added a kill counter and a timer to the hud during a challenge.
  • Challenges are now seeded to help reduce randomness.
  • Enemy spawn groups are fixed.
  • Objective locations are fixed.
  • Powers, Items, and Weapons offered to the players are random.
  • Time spent in the bar no longer counts towards your total time. Take your time 🙂

Branching Paths (New Feature):

  • After defeating a major boss, the teleportal can be configured to take you to new worlds that need saving… with an added challenge!

Snacks (New Feature)

  • Collects snacks from completing missions. Eat snacks in the bar to gain a temporary boost!
    • One Pound Burrito – Gain +10 Max Health for 3 Encounters.
    • Really Hard Hard Tack – Gain +25% Melee Damage for 3 Encounters.
    • Brutewurst – Gain +25% Overall damage for 3 Encounters.
    • Kaiju Burger – Gain 1 self-revive for the rest of the run.


  • Added automatic scaling for the character’s overall damage scale up to level 30. (General)
  • Juicy Surprise now gives a Power Damage Boost Kit instead of a random Power Family booster. (General)

(Ronin) While we enjoyed the power fantasy of Ronin, his damage potential far outclassed his comrades by a staggering amount. We reduced the damage bonuses from many of his damage oriented skills to bring him more in line with Murmur and Nomad.

His early tree tankiness was also a bit too much, and could propel a Ronin much further into a run than anticipated. The minor adjustments to Energy Efficient and Energizing Blade will make aggressive players approach situations more tactfully while not robbing him of his tank potential.

  • Base stats adjusted to 10 Armor and 20 Health
  • Reduced Energy Efficient damage reduction from 75% from 50%
  • Reduced Energizing Blade melee damage bonus from 25% to 15%
  • Reduced In Your Face close damage from 10/20/30% to 3/6/9%
  • Reduced Get In There close damage bonus from 10/15/25% to 2/4/7%
  • Reduced Energizing kills “Overshield” bonus from 5 per close kill from 3
  • Base stats adjusted to 10 Armor and 10 Health (Nomad)
  • Devastate now stuns armored enemies if triggered (Nomad)

(Murmur) Diving in and out of combat and circling around enemies is a fun gameplay loop, but a bit too tricky to pull off for the reward. Fade Away now makes building for flanking much easier while the new Explosive Exit stun gives her a unique CC angle and sets up her enemies devastating backstabs!

Quick Recovery in the late tree was a little bit too nutty, allowing players to essentially become immortal. Players can now only stave off the inevitable before having to retreat and catch their breath for a second pass, playing into her more rogue-ish nature.

  • Base stats decreased to 10 Armor and 15 Health
  • Changed “Backstab” to “Flank” to better indicate what the player has to do to get the bonus.
  • While using Fade Away, all enemies are counted as flanked
  • Reduced Explosive Exit damage
  • Explosive Exit now stuns enemies for 5 seconds
  • Reduced Quick Recovery armor regen amount from 25/35/50% to 10/20/30%
  • Removed the “Mark” from Flatfooted
  • Holo Swarm changed to greatly reduce After Image’s cooldown instead of immediately spawning five holograms

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Ice Melee not applying its held attack damage
  • Fix Fire reapplication trigger Hot Burn too often
  • Patched some holes in the world
  • Improved Orbital Laser replication
  • Fixed Murmur’s holograms not replicating their firing animations and not firing as often
  • Fixed crash after loading screen
  • Fixed matchmaking falsely saying all servers were full
  • Optimized the pretty graphics
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements

The Steam Edition of Superior

To cut to the chase, “the Steam edition of Superior does not support NFTs or any other blockchain technology. However, Steam players are permitted to play via co-op with players that are on other platforms, as Superior is currently a full cross-play title,” Gala Games said.

Gala Games ended their announcement article by saying, “the more folks that play and enjoy our games, regardless of the platform, the better it is for everyone.” I guess we can agree on this, as Steam boasts over 120 million active users and an established community of hardcore games behind.

Superior is a first-person shooter, NFT, and P2E Game by Gala Games. We also released a review about it a month ago, on September 14. Stay tuned for more information regarding the launch of Superior on the Steam gaming platform!