Why is Superior Launching on Steam Despite The NFT Ban?

Will Superior have Web3 features despite Steam's NFT ban?
Superior is launching on Steam without blockchain features

Almost a whole month has passed since Gala Games announced its shooter game Superior was available on Steam’s wishlist. 

Until now, we didn’t have any information on why and how Superior even joined Steam’s wishlist despite Steam’s ban on Web3 games. CEO of Valve said, back then, “people in the space tend to be involved in a lot of criminal activity and a lot of sketchy behaviors.”

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A few days ago, on Medium, Gala Games announced why the Superior game is launching on the Steam platform and how it will operate. Yes, it is true; Steam’s ban on NFT games is still ongoing. 

The Steam Edition of Superior

To cut to the chase, “the Steam edition of Superior does not support NFTs or any other blockchain technology. However, Steam players are permitted to play via co-op with players that are on other platforms, as Superior is currently a full cross-play title,” Gala Games said.

Gala Games ended their announcement article by saying, “the more folks that play and enjoy our games, regardless of the platform, the better it is for everyone.” I guess we can agree on this, as Steam boasts over 120 million active users and an established community of hardcore games behind.

Superior is a first-person shooter, NFT, and P2E Game by Gala Games. We also released a review about it a month ago, on September 14. Stay tuned for more information regarding the launch of Superior on the Steam gaming platform!

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