Synergy Land Announces Open Early Access Playtest This October

Synergy Land Announces Open Early Access Playtest This October

Synergy Land, an innovative blend of farming, base construction, and dungeon exploration, has declared an early access playtest set to commence this October. This playtest will welcome all interested players in a departure from the norm.

Playtest Features to Look Forward To

Kicking off on October 16th, the Synergy Land Early Access version will be hosted on a testnet and promises a suite of new additions. Players will be introduced to wallet connectivity, allowing them to integrate their NFT pets and islands into gameplay. Enthusiasts can also anticipate the construction of mines for resource extraction, teleportation points for swift island traversal, and engaging quests to uncover concealed treasures. Not to be overlooked, this version will present daily in-game coin rewards, the ability to nurture crops on a public farm, and mechanisms to repair dilapidated structures.

More Than Just Building

While the crafting and construction aspects are captivating, they represent only a fraction of the Synergy Land experience. The game’s creators diligently refine the dungeon system, which will plunge players into battles with formidable monsters. Future additions include pet-led expeditions, a resource exchange hub, and a unique forge for artifact generation.

Discovering Synergy Land

The game’s premise transports players to their private airborne island accompanied by a merchant guide. The aim is to rejuvenate and evolve this space into a bustling community. From cultivating diverse crops to intricate item crafting, players are in for an immersive town-building experience. With Synergy Land’s intricate crafting and farming dynamics, the game aids players with an ongoing series of quests, introducing new architectural designs and features.