MIB Trek: Mobile Match-3 Puzzle Game With Marbles

MIB Trek game

In Brief: Mib Trek is a match-3 mobile puzzle game. It’s powered by the CryptoMibs platform. It doesn’t require any blockchain wallet to play. Today I’m trying the MIB Trek mobile game, a free-to-play match-three (or more) puzzle game designed explicitly for blockchain gamers and regular games. Yesterday, I updated the Crypto Mibs platform Review, and …

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CryptoMibs Platform Review – Updated Feb 2021

CryptoMibs Platform Review

A comprehensive CryptoMibs Platform Review. Contains a selection of Mini-Games with Tickets as rewards. Collectible aspects with unique digital marbles and asset trading features. Forging, fusion, and more. It’s time for the CryptoMibs Platform Review, a platform that brings up nostalgic memories with the glass marbles we used to play as kids, but in their …

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