MIB Trek: Mobile Match-3 Puzzle Game With Marbles

In Brief:

  • Mib Trek is a match-3 mobile puzzle game.
  • It’s powered by the CryptoMibs platform.
  • It doesn’t require any blockchain wallet to play.

Today I’m trying the MIB Trek mobile game, a free-to-play match-three (or more) puzzle game designed explicitly for blockchain gamers and regular games.

Yesterday, I updated the Crypto Mibs platform Review, and now is the perfect opportunity to share my opinion for the new game of the platform, MIB Trek.

The game does not require any blockchain wallet to start playing, you can even play as a guest without creating an account, and the gameplay takes place off-chain, making it fast without any fees.

MIB Trek: A Unique approach to Match-3 Games.

The first mobile game from Crypto Mibs, MIB Trek, brings a unique scope to the Match-3 style games based on column and row movement. With 6125 levels to beat, MIB Trek promises challenging gameplay for all puzzle lovers.

Players can only match Marbles in the specific active raws. No experience in puzzle games? Don’t worry. The tutorial will get you started in no time. 

It took me a few tries to complete the first challenge, but you will rush pretty quickly to the next levels once you understand the gameplay.

Challenging Gameplay With a Purpose

MIB Trek goes far beyond matching marbles, it’s interconnected with the Crypto Mibs platform, and that allows you to use the whole Marbles ecosystem to your advantage.

Earn goodies while playing, and unlock more levels using fire pulses of HEX energy and various boosters.

The ultimate goal in MIB Trek is to find one of the three grand prizes that contain a unique Genesis Marble with 1 ETH. To get the Grand Prize, you have to find clues along the way. These clues include hits for an Ethereum private key.

Of course, that’s not the only prize. While playing, you will be rewarded with Marbles that can be sold in the marketplace or used in the Forge and Fusion. You will also earn Tickets with which you can buy in-game items.

Play To Earn Rewards

Besides the Gran Prizes, you will find yourself collecting Marbles with booster powers, Prime marbles, and Catalyst marbles by playing MIB Trek.

If you complete the crystal missions, you will receive the finished Crystals required for the Grand Prizes.

The crafting, fusion, and forging will keep you occupied for a long time while you expand your marbles collection.

Additionally, there are daily login Tickets rewards.

The Scavenger Hunt

A great addition is the incorporation of the MIB Scavenger hunt. 

Scavenger Hunt blends blockchain integration with the app, and you can:

  • Fuse marbles to unlock Crystal Missions.
  • Get ahead or profit by using Surprise Base Marbles. Mibs of the same pattern as their current universe.
  • Fuse Crystals that can be only won in-game to get Catalyst Marbles.

Catalyst marbles, Suprise Base Marbles, and Crystal Missions are all needed to proceed further.


What’s next for MIB Trek?

While the game is currently in Beta, there will be a Web version in Q1 2021. We expect to see the Crypto Mibs Facebook Game Store release during the same period, and in Q2, there will be a Samsung Keystore release.

An iOS version is planned probably within the year, and Crypto Mibs is looking forward to integrating Matic Network in Q2/Q3.

Download MIB Trek on Play Store or visit CryptoMibs.io

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