CryptoMibs Platform Review

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  • A comprehensive CryptoMibs Platform Review.
  • Contains a selection of Mini-Games with Tickets as rewards.
  • Collectible aspects with unique digital marbles and asset trading features.

It’s time for the CryptoMibs Platform Review, a platform that brings up nostalgic memories with the glass marbles we used to play as kids, but in their digital form. The platform contains a variety of aspects that include mini-games, a marketplace, a reward system with free daily tickets, and some other interesting features that i am going to review in this article.

Before we dive into the Mini-Games, let’s talk a bit about the Marbles (Mibs). Like i said in the introduction, Mibs is the digital form of glass marbles with a more artistic approach, based on utility. There are three main types of collectible Marbles.

  • Standard Mibs: These are based on real marbles with patterns and material classification. Automatically generated with random and unique color variations, they are the standard in the CryptoMibs platform.
  • Custom Mibs: These Mibs are created by the users using MibFactory plus assets from other games, or an art design provided by the platform. Custom Mibs are easy and fast to generate.
  • Designer Mibs: Independent artists and designers make this particular kind of Marbles. CryptoMibs offers profit sharing whenever a purchase takes place.

Arcade (Mini-Games)

The mini-games CryptoMibs offers is a fun way to spend your time with arcade-style classic games that everyone loved in the past. Each player gets five lives per game for each marble owned with a total of 5 marbles. The regeneration rate is one per thirty minutes, and whenever a Mibster (Player) beats a level for the first time, the platform rewards Tickets.  More games are under development but here are the ones live on the platform:

Snakes & Marbles

A classic snake game where Mibsters gather points by collecting marbles. Players should avoid crashing with the snake’s tail and the map edges. The Snakes & Marbles game comes in two modes:

  • Adventure: Beat all ten levels and receive tickets as rewards.
  • Marathon: Survival mode, gather as many Marbles as you can.

There are some benefits to owning specific marbles in this mini-game. For example, theLlamacorn marble will break the tail in half when captured and there is a rotating marble which will grant infinite lives for one hour.


MibJet reminds me of the legendary MAME32 space arcade games where you fly a ship and avoid crashing into crates. Each level is linked to a specific marble pattern, and once completed, a new mod gets unlocked. Also, whenever a new level is completed, the platform rewards with Tickets.

The available mods are:

  • Crypto Kitties: Makes walls disappear.
  • Blockchain Cuties: Makes regular obstacles disappear.
  • Crypto Assault: Makes pattern-specific obstacles disappear.
  • Llamacorn: Doubles marbles in your Jet Stream.
  • GrandMaster: Spawn all boosters.
  • MyMibs Chest: Add marbles to your Jet stream and booster counts.

This particular game is going to be the favorite If you want to try your luck. Based on the famous “Plinko,” Mibsters drop a marble to the pegged scoreboard. The direction of the marble changes depending on the obstacle it hits. At the bottom, some pouches include various rewards such as tickets and other marbles. SkyDrop is a game of luck, in contrast to the other mini-games. 

Skydrop cryptomibs review
SkyDrop Game in CryptoMibs platform.
Upcoming Game – MIB Trek

Mib Trek will be the first mobile game of the CryptoMibs platform. It is a match-3 puzzle game combined with  a scavenger hunt for marbles.  Mibsters will receive ETH and booster prizes as they unlock secret passwords along the way. We look forward to doing a full review once it is released later this year.

Tournaments & Leaderboard

The platform hosts frequent tournaments, and some of them are happening in partnership with other games. At the time of writing this review, the MibJet GrandMaster Chase is live, where the first three Mibsters to reach level 15 will receive a unique GrandMaster Marble that grants all  boosters in future games.

Also, there are weekly ticket prices for the top 3 players of various games, and the timer resets every Saturday night.

Cryptomibs leaderboards
Leaderboard of CryptoMibs as per 30/6/2020

Tickets: The in-Game Currency

CryptoMibs takes a mainstream approach when it comes to tickets by allowing Mibsters to onboard and play even when they have  limited access to ETH. 

Tickets are earned through daily logins, beating levels in mini-games, trading assets, or purchasing them with ETH or just PayPal. Additionally, Tickets are used for buying assets on the Rewards Store, buying extra lives in the mini-games, forging marbles, and bidding for other Mibs. 

MibSphere: The CryptoMibs MetaVerse 

Collaboration is a word that the CryptoMibs team embraces by building a Metaverse in cooperation with other games. The result is custom versions of the mini-games as different worlds requiring Marbled assets from other games. If a Mibster owns any Cryptokitties or CryptoAssault in-game items, they can be marbled and accessed within the CryptoMibs platform.

CryptoKitties: The Kitty World contains two mods of the Snakes & Marble (Cats & Marbles) and SkyDrop (CatDrop.) It’s worth to mention that some Kitties offer special abilities like the Kitijira or Page Kitties.

CryptoAssault: The CA world allows CryptoAssault players to bring their Tanks, Helicopters, Mech, and Trucks to the CryptoMibs platform and play a moded version of the MibJet mini-game.

The MibFactory

Using the MibFactory players can forge existing assets from other games into Marbles. For this review, I forged a generation 0 CryptoFlower into a beautiful marble, ready to play with it or sell it in the marketplace.

Keep in mind that when you forge an in-game asset, you don’t lose it from your inventory, you are just changing the look of the selected Mib without paying any GAS transaction fee.

Cryptomibs review mibfactory creation marble flower
The MIB & Rewards Stores
The MIB & Rewards Stores

From the MIB Store, Mibsters can acquire Marbles for as low as 0.005 ETH using various filters such as material, origin, pattern, etc. Players can submit offers that are later handled automatically through the use of smart contracts. There are around 3,000 Mibs available in the store to choose from and it’s where your Marbles will get listed once you decide to sell them.

On the other hand, the Rewards Store allows Mibsters to redeem tickets for in-game assets from games such as CryptoKitties, Blockchain Cuties Universe, MyCryptoHeroes, 0xUniverse, Axie Infinity and others. The current selection of rewards is small, but the inventory is constantly changing based on Mibsters trading assets for tickets.  The ticket price is based on the asset’s last sales price, so in some cases  it will require a lot of tickets to get one.   

Cryptomibs rewards store
Rewards Store

Asset Trading Store

The Asset Trading Store is a new feature that allows Mibsters to trade existing in-game assets from multiple games into tickets. For example, if you have Oinks from Crypt-Oink or GU cards that you don’t want anymore, you can easily trade them for in-game tickets. These assets will go straight to the Rewards store so other players can redeem tickets to get them. The offer price is based on the asset’s last sales price on Open Sea.  If there is no sales history, the platform offers you a base 125 tickets (equivalent to 5 mini-game lives).  I’m not sure about the value you are getting back since all the in-game items I tried to exchange were redeemable for 125 Tickets. Nevertheless, it’s a way to get tickets without paying. The asset trading store supports multiple games.

asset trade crypto mibs

CryptoMibs Platform Review – The Conclusion

The idea behind the platform and the way its working is good, there is asset exchange, ticket rewards, a way to create value from existing items, and so on. On the other hand, the mini-games offer a fun way to spend your time and get tickets in return. CryptoMibs platform is ideal for casual gamers who will enjoy a modded classic snake game. The collectible aspect with all the different elements of marbles is quite interesting, especially if you are a designer and sign-up for profit sharing.  There is still a lot of untapped potentials so we will need to see where the CryptoMibs team takes the platform in the near future.  

To finish our CryptoMibs Platform Review, I would rate CryptoMibs 3.5 Stars out of 5.

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