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0xUniverse is a space exploration game where you start by owning one planet and start building spaceships to discover more planets. This game is currently available on PC only and accessing the game on mobile will only allow you to browse planets.

To start playing the game, you are required to purchase a single planet in order to be able to build spaceships to go on explorations. Yes, this game is not free to play but wait! A common planet cost about 0.01Eth which is just one less cup of coffee for this week. Moreover, you will be able to sell any planets you own as well. As of now, just over 80k planets have been discovered out of the total supply of 1million. There is definitely a lot left and many Legendary planets waiting to be discovered.

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The darker areas of the map are places with many planets yet to be discovered


New users will be directed to their marketplace by a friendly space dog to make a purchase of their first planet. Ensure you have Metamask running and some Eth to claim your very own planet! If you are feeling more adventurous and ambitious, feel free to purchase planets of higher rarity to help you with the game. If you are just a casual gamer, a common planet is a good start. Either way, you aren’t missing out on anything much as there is a whole galaxy for you to conquer.

After purchasing your first planet, you will be able to invent spaceships to go on explorations to find new planets. A spaceship will take some time to be developed depending on the population of the planets you own. The development rate of a spaceship is 1 knowledge gained per person/hour. So as you discover more planets or if you had purchase multiple planets at the start, you will be able to create spaceships at a faster pace.

Once you have invented a spaceship, you will need to construct it using resources that can be found on planets. If you are not so fortunate that your planet doesn’t produce a resource needed for the building of the spaceship, head over to the marketplace and drop another cup of coffee for the week.

The exciting part comes when you are finally set and ready to send your spaceship on its way! There is a chance that your spaceship will fail the expedition but if the expedition is a success, you become the owner of a new planet. What you want to do to increase your chances of discovering a new planet, is to send your spaceship to an area that is less discovered(the darker areas of the map).


Planets are the greatest assets in this game. You will want to get as many of your hands as you can. If you are planning to purchase multiple planets at the start of the game, don’t just purchase it because they look so cool and nice. Check out the resources each planet gives and try to purchase planets that produce different resources. This will help in building spaceships to discover even cooler planets.

Building the same type of spaceship will cost you 1.5x more resources. It might be better to discover new types of spaceships are construct them instead to be more resource efficient.

You will also be able to lease your planets to other players. What this means is that other players will purchase your planet’s colonist and launch spaceships from your planet. If you happen to own a planet is a nice and strategic location you might want to consider leasing the planet instead of selling it.

Even if you own lower rarity planets or construct lower quality ships, you will still be able to find legendary planets. A better spaceship only increases the success rate of finding a planet or a rarer planet. So go and explore to your heart’s content!


0xUniverse provides a nice twist to adventure and exploration games. It doesn’t require you to stick onto the game and constantly collect items or do certain actions. Just wait for more spaceships to be constructed and when you finally send them on a journey and you successfully obtain a new planet, the level of accomplishment is amazing. There is still a lot in the galaxy to be explored, that means there is a lot of money to be made as well. Planets have been sold for over 10Eth. However, there will be gas fees when you send your spaceships on a journey and for some other actions so have some Eth in your Metamask to cover them. You will be able to gift planets as well so why not drag some friends in as well to conquer the galaxy together. If you ever find a legendary planet, share it with us in the comments section and let others see how awesome it is to own one!

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