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Everdragons Launces on TRON & Hosts Pre-Sale

The TRON pre-sale for Everdragons is running since yesterday and players can buy discounted newly spawned dragons in exchange for TRX.
everdragons blockchain games moves to tron network

Everdragons Integrates Into TRON Network

The popular blockchain based game Everdragons announced plans to expand into Tron network. Everdragons moved to POA network last...
Everdragons integrates POA Network

Blockchain Game Everdragons Integrates POA Network

With a Medium post published today, Everdragons announced POA integration to the famous blockchain game alongside with Ethereum. Everdragons developers are always in the hunt...

Everdragons: When Myth Becomes Reality

Have you ever had a thing for dragons? Maybe you are a Game of Thrones fan or your parents raised you with stories full...