Axie Infinity: How To Make $3+ Daily In Less Than 1 Hour With SLP

If you are reading this, you are most probably trying to find a way to earn by playing blockchain games, and the easiest way so far is through the Axie Infinity daily quests.

All you need to begin is a team of 3 Axies. Currently, the cheapest Axie you can get from the Marketplace costs around $30. The price increase of Axies is remarkable if you consider that in 2019, you could get an Axie for less than $2.

In the video above, we explain that you have to complete all the daily quests to receive 100 to 150 SLP upon completion.

You have to keep in mind that SLP is a cryptocurrency token, meaning that volatility might push the price down or up, depending on the demand.

SLP is used for breeding two Axies together, and depending on the previous breed, it might require a lot of them. The minimum SLP consumed for two ‘Virgin’ Axies is 200 SLP, and it doubles for each bread.

Given the current price of SLP, it might be worth breeding Axies and selling them for the floor price which is around $30. Keep in mind that the Ethereum GAS fees are high and ETH 2.0 is scheduled for December 1, if the fees go down, there is likely a chance for the Axies price to drop. The same applies once Ronin sidechain is out, the in-house Ethereum sidechain by Sky Mavis.

Overall, Axie Infinity is a fun game that sees exponential growth. Often players from under-developed countries compare SLP with Bitcoin(!), and Axie Infinity is the way for them to pay their bills and expenses.

The Axie Marketplace.

In the past 30 days, Axie Infinity in-game marketplace has seen the astonishing number of $2,213,097.09 in sales from 60,000 transactions.

Axie is transforming into a digital nation, and we can’t wait to see how it will evolve with the upcoming Land update.

I hope you liked Axie Infinity: How To Make $3+ Daily In Less Than 1 Hour With SLP Tutorial.

Play Axie Infinity.

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