Test Drive Metarush – The First Myria Studios Game

Test Drive Metarush - The First Myria Studios Game

Blockchain game development studio and Ethereum L2 solution Myria announced today the start of some exclusive Metarush demos to receive essential feedback that will help improve the overall gaming experience.

Test Drive Metarush

First, we must talk briefly about Myria’s first game, Metarush. It is a free-to-play battle royale obstacle runner based on Myria’s Layer-2 solution. There, players compete with each other in races based across different places and galaxies unknown to the public. Your main objective is to get to the finish line; only the fastest will survive!

As said, Myria is hosting some exclusive Demos for Metarush. Only a few people eager to playtest shall participate in them. Slots are limited, and Myria is looking for the most passionate gamers.

Players chosen will be able to complete an entire level of Metarush before it’s even in Beta. Additionally, participants are advised to provide essential feedback regarding their experience playing in order to help Myria Studios improve the F2P battle royale obstacle runner. Read below on how to join!

Metarush F2P P2E Game
Test Drive Metarush - The First Myria Studios Game 29

How to Join the Exclusive Metarush Demos

There are a few easy steps interested players must follow to join Metarush’s exclusive demos, including:

Make sure you have a PC covering the minimal requirements: 

  • CPU — Dual Core
  • GPU — At least 4GB of VRAM
  • RAM — 16GB Min
  • OS — Windows 7+ (macOS not supported yet)

Selected players will be emailed with more info on the next steps!

Keep in mind that Metarush is not a P2E game. However, it implemented the P2E model so players can join the fun without any limitations, such as owning an NFT. This means Metarush will always be free-to-play and allow its players to earn prizes based on their in-game skills!