The Sandbox Metaverse Launches The Playboy Party People Collection

The Sandbox Metaverse Launches The Playboy Party People Collection

The Sandbox, a metaverse experience where users interact with each other and participate in many activities, announced earlier this week on December 30 that Playboy is back in The Sandbox.

Playboy is a men’s entertainment and lifestyle magazine that peaked in the 70s and has the signature rabbit as its official stamp.

The well-known 18+ magazine will join The Sandbox Metaverse with a collection of 1,969 unique NFTs avatars called The Playboy Party People Collection.

NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset on the blockchain with a unique identifier number and other meta-data. NFTs are the most secure and transparent method to distribute, trade, store, and track digital and physical assets. 

In celebration of Playboy’s 69th birthday, this collection will bring excitement to The Sandbox community while offering additional utility to its holders.

By holding one, users will have the chance to receive exclusive airdrops and also unlock many experiences with $SAND rewards.

Each Avatar is randomly generated with a unique combination of traits associated with five different rarity tiers, Common, Rare, Epic Legendary, and 1/1 Iconic. In addition, iconic Playboy people and moments inspire ten one-of-a-kind 1/1 NFTs!

Mint Details of The Playboy Party People Collection 

The Playboy Part People Collection will be released in two waves, Allowlist (December 5) and Publis Sale (December 6).

Allowlist, will start at 2 PM UTC and will offer its users the chance to mint a maximum of two NFT avatars within a 24-hour time period. You can join the allowlist if you own at least one of the below NFTs in two hours from now, (Dec. 5, 2 PM UTC), where the snapshot will be taken. The NFTs are:

  • Playboy Rabbitars
  • The Sandbox LAND
  • The Doggies Avatars
  • People of Crypto Avatars
  • Steve Aoki Avatars
  • Kuniverse Avatars
  • Project Members

Publis Sale will start on December 6, just after the allowlist 24-hour period ends. At 2 PM UTC, users will be able to mint up to four NFT avatars per wallet.

Join the mint by clicking here.

Learn more information here.