The Sandbox to Host The World’s First Metaverse Symphony by HK Phil and Elliot Leung

The Metaverse Symphony will be performed live by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.
The Sandbox to Host The World's First Metaverse Symphony by HK Phil and Elliot Leung

Artifact Labs Limited, a Web3 company with a mission to preserve and connect history on the blockchain, announced earlier this week (11/18) a partnership with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Hong Kong (HK Phil) to premier Elliot Leung’s new project called the Metaverse Symphony at the Sandbox Metaverse on May 2023.

This collaboration will bring a “fully immersive” classical music concert live in both the concert hall and the Sandbox metaverse. Famous cinematic composer Elliot Leung will be responsible for the Metaverse Symphony.

Elliot Ho Yat Leung is best known for its work on multiple projects, including Operation Red Sea and The Battle at Lake Changjin. Additionally, he is the only composer from Hong Kong who broke into Hollywood.

According to the press release, Artifact Labs will recreate the iconic Hong Kong Statue Square in the Sandbox showcasing the opportunities Web3 can offer in the music industry.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with HK Phil and Elliot on this history-making concert. Web3 allows for near-infinite creativity, and we believe this experience will introduce the possibilities of the metaverse to a wider audience.”

Gary Liu, Founder, and CEO of Artifact Labs