Thirdverse Raises $15M to Continue Developing Web3 and VR Games
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Thirdverse Raises $15M to Continue Developing Web3 and VR Games

According to a recent announcement, Thirdverse, a virtual reality content and service management company established on April 2013, has reportedly raised $15M in a funding round led by MZ Web3 to develop its Web3 and VR Game studio.

B Dash Ventures, Double, Fenbushi Capital, Flick Shot, Holdem Capital, Kusabi, 8DAO, OKCoinJapan, Yield Guild Games, and OKX Ventures participated in the round.

“We are thrilled to form a partnership with MZ Web3 Fund for the future growth of our team and investments in Web3 and VR. After significant growth in the past year, and with many projects in development and about to start development, we’re proud to enter a new stage of more accelerated growth for Thirdverse.”

Hironao Kunimitsu, Thirdverse CEO

With some fantastic and immersive VR experiences in its Library, Thirdverse plans to expand massively as the company desires to acquire the proper tools and stuff to continue developing its formerly announced game “Captain Tsubasa: Rivals.” This game was announced in October and is already in development in collaboration with Blocksmith & Co.

“We believe that both the VR and Web3 gaming industries have a bright future and that Thirdverse is uniquely positioned to benefit from the market growth trends and the remarkable experience of its team.”

Yusaku Maezawa, MZ Web3 Fund CEO

“Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-“

Captain Tsubasa: RIVALS is a play-to-earn game that is currently in development from Thirdverse Inc. in collaboration with Blocksmith & Co. It is a game where players can train players from the original “Captain Tsubasa” manga and compete against other players.

Yuto Nagamoto, a Japanese professional football player, competing in the Qatar Fifa World Cup for Japan, became Captain Tsubasa’s official ambassador.