Track Your Wellness With Enjin-Based NFTs Integrated Into TikTok & Facebook Messenger

Health Hero Go! App

Wellness is something extremely important, as human beings, health is everything we have. The recent food trends want’s people to step away from Junk food and follow a balanced and healthy diet with more and more people following.

On the other hand, technology allows us to track wellness data through the use of specific applications such as the Health Hero Go! app, an Enjin-based application that stores user’s data and tokenize achievements on dynamic ERC-1155 non-fungible tokens.

Health Hero offers evolving personalized NFTs as digital trading cards. Users are incentivized to participate in healthy activities and customize their NFTs by using pictures, setting nutrition preferences, fitness statics and much more.

Each NFT gets more and more personalized with experience and health points. There will be only 500,000 Health Hero NFTs and they can be traded on decentralized marketplaces such as EnjinX and OpenSea.

Health Hero has integrated it’s NFTs on Telegram, Facebook Messenger, TikTok and in the future, it will support WhatsApp, WeChat and SMS.

That’s not all though, the roadmap includes the creation of the Health Hero City, a wellness Metaverse where players can trade-in their NFTs for digital land plots.

“Thanks to converging technologies and societal shifts, it’s now possible to get rewarded for one’s well-being. Through the Go! Experience, we aim to empower everyone from everyday users to fitness influencers to take true ownership of their unique health and wellness journey. Everyday. We are serious about community, well-being, and we aim to help people in the simplest, most fun, and most rewarding way possible.”

Anthony Diaz, CEO and Founder of Health Hero.

The team has also released an API for developers to build off Go! functionalities and gamification layers, which can be accessed for free at

Start your wellness journey using Health Hero Go! app.