BGD 144: Weekly Recap of Blockchain Gaming News

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to another Blockchain Gaming Digest.

Games with the most players 

  • Axie Infinity: Over 1 Million players.
  • CryptoBlades: 465,000 players.
  • Alien Worlds: 399,000 players.
  • My Defi Pet: Over 100,000 players.
  • Upland: 90,000 players.
  • Splinterlands: 75,000 players.


  • Coinbase listed AXS.
  • listed GALA.

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Axie Infinity News

This week we had Axie Infinity reaching 1 billion in sales and over a million daily active players. The recent changes in SLP rewards halved the adventure rewards and reduced AXS needed for breeding.

Play The First Crypto GTA RP Server With NFT Rewards

Enjin based gaming platform MyMetaverse brings the world’s first NFT-powered Grand Theft Auto server, called Meta City.

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Berserk: The First Vulcan Forged Game That Earns LAVA Tokens

The free-to-play trading card game Berserk becomes the first game that earns you LAVA tokens in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem.

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Splinterlands Hits Golden Milestone with 50,000 Daily Players

Splinterlands surpassed the 50,000 daily players milestone after recently releasing the SPS token and a card rental system.

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$300 Million Fund To Develop GameFi Projects On TRON

Tron launched a $300 million fund to incentivize GameFi projects on their network.

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$150,000 In Rewards For The REVV Racing Alpha Inaugural

REVV launches the Alpha Inaugural with a $150,000 rewards pool. While this sounds amazing, the top players have filled all the rewards slots with multiple accounts.

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Guild of Guardians Founder NFTs

Upcoming mobile blockchain game Guild of Guardians announce via a tweet that minting and trading NFTs is now live.