Upland Ventures into Tokyo with Over 20,000 Properties Up for Grabs

Upland Ventures into Tokyo with Over 20,000 Properties Up for Grabs

Upland, the innovative property trading and city-building game, has made its next big move by expanding into Tokyo, marking its debut in the Asian market. The Tokyo launch, set for August 17th at 1 am PT, will see the release of more than 20,000 properties spread across 30 neighborhoods, primarily in the vibrant Shibuya City ward.

Important Dates and Terminal Sales

The countdown has begun for players aiming to secure a Terminal—a feature that offers passive income. Upland has scheduled the registration for the Terminal sale to commence on August 13th at 8 am PT, with the sale opening the following day at the same time (today). Fifteen terminals from Tokyo International Airport, priced at $1,536, will be available exclusively via Upland’s web store.

The Unique ‘Vanilla Mode’ and Collections Twist

Tokyo’s debut in Upland will initiate what the company dubs ‘Vanilla Mode,’ a phase devoid of Collection bonuses. When the Collections are eventually unveiled, properties fitting into a Collection will be temporarily held. Their prices will then be adjusted according to the Collection’s value, after which they’ll be made available for public purchase. This approach encourages players to speculate on properties they believe will be featured in future Collections. However, unlike other cities in the game, Tokyo will not have street Collections. The Collection’s disclosure is scheduled for August 24th at 9 am PT.

Delving into Upland: A Quick Overview

For the uninitiated, Upland operates as a play-to-earn game where participants can explore cities, purchase properties, and interact with other players. Available across Android, iOS, and web platforms, each player’s status is determined by their net worth, which is calculated from property and token possessions. The game classifies players into various ranks, ranging from a Visitor to a Chief Executive. While newcomers start as Visitors, only when they advance to the Uplander status can they sell their properties.

The game’s official currency is UPX, reserved solely for in-game transactions. Property owners receive passive UPX earnings, with additional income generated when another player “sends” themselves to an owned property. Special Collections, consisting of specific properties, offer one-time UPX rewards and ongoing passive income boosts. Furthermore, players can buy UPX tokens directly within Upland.