VulcanVerse Unveils Merchants – A Brand New Trading System

VulcanVerse Unveils Merchants - A Brand New Trading System

VulcanVerse, a popular online game, is set to introduce a trading system this December-January, answering the demands of its vast player community. Players can soon exchange their in-game resources through a merchant NPC, stationed in the bustling Vulcan City marketplace.

Introducing the Marketplace

Players currently accumulate resources in their inventories with no dedicated platform for exchange. The marketplace will handle this. Here, gamers can trade hard-earned materials with fluctuating prices driven by the game’s own “supply and demand” dynamic. For instance, as certain resources, like pebbles, become more popular and heavily traded, their exchange rate will climb. Conversely, items in lesser demand will witness a price drop.

A new user interface for this marketplace is already in the works. When players interact with the merchant NPC, a trade menu will pop up, showcasing ‘Give’ and ‘Receive’ lists. Depending on the player’s needs, they can specify the amount of a resource they want to give away or acquire. The intuitive system auto-calculates the corresponding exchange value. However, some resources, notably gold and adamantium, remain off-limits due to security constraints.

Expanding Horizons

While the static marketplace in Vulcan City marks phase one, the game’s developers have bigger plans. Soon, a traveling merchant will journey through VulcanVerse, navigating its iconic Sacred Way and visiting major landmarks. Given the inherent perils of VulcanVerse, players will have the chance to ensure this merchant’s safety by escorting him, potentially earning the merchant’s goodwill and better deals.

In subsequent developments, players can also anticipate personalized special offers, underlining the merchant’s keen understanding of his clientele.