Vulcan Forged Phalanx Overview

Phalanx is a minting engine for limited edition Phalanx characters-NFTs differ in clans and status. Vulcan Forged launched a minting engine where NFTs can be created over ten different clans and statuses: Common Rare Epic Legendary Still on its Alpha Stage, not yet launched ultimately for everyone and expected to launch at the end of January, …

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AAG Ventures Guild Invests in VulcanVerse Scholarships

Vulcan Forged AGG partnership

Another Gaming Guild is investing in the Vulcan Forged ecosystem and it’s Cedalion (Scholarship) program. AAG Ventures Guild has invested in total over $1 Million. AAG Ventures purchased land plots in Vulcan Verse and $PYR, with the estimated price being over $1 Million. This partnership will benefit both companies by sharing data between them and increasing scholarships in …

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Frank Frazetta Art & Other Major Artists IP Coming to Vulcan Forged as NFTs

Conan the barbarian coming to vulcan forged

6/2/2021: Title was changed as the IP does not include Conan the Barbarian. The blockchain gaming platform Vulcan Forged has secured IP rights to Frank Frazetta Art and other four major fantasy artists Intellectual Property to bring them into NFTs.  It’s worth mentioning that some of the original licensed artworks are selling for millions of dollars. Here …

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