WAGMI Games to Release Exclusive Founder’s Packs on OpenSea

WAGMI Games to Release Exclusive Founder’s Packs on OpenSea

WAGMI Games, a driving force in the Web3 entertainment world, is set to release its eagerly anticipated Founder’s Packs tomorrow, September 27th. This exclusive release will be available only on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

Gadget-Bot, the art genius behind some of the world’s most famous designs like Transformers 4 and Apex Legends, collaborated with WAGMI Games to craft the Founder’s Packs. Out of these, 10,000 unopened card packs are available, each revealing a unique character for WAGMI Defense, WAGMI Games’ premiere mobile game.

These characters aren’t just visually appealing; they carry rich stories that will weave into the ever-expanding universe of WAGMI Games.

A New Gaming Experience

The characters unlocked from these packs can be leveled up in the WAGMI Defense game. Once a Founder’s Pack is opened, it will be permanently deleted, ensuring that the main collection on OpenSea remains exclusive and limited. This means the initial offering of 10,000 NFTs will decrease over time as gamers open their packs.

“We’re super excited to introduce this collection of one-time cards that are a testament to the excitement that is card collecting in WAGMI Defense. And with the evolving of these cards into new rarities the supply becomes less and less which makes them more unique, special and rarer over time.” stated Luis Trujillo, Co-founder of WAGMI Games.

In addition, these valuable cards will be tradable on secondary platforms such as Immutable and Rarible. However, unopened packs will remain exclusive to OpenSea for trade. Gamers who choose to open a Founder’s Pack will be given early access to the beta version of WAGMI Defense, ahead of its worldwide release. In echoing the nostalgia of traditional card collections, each pack will contain a range of Rare, Epic, and Legendary Founder’s cards. The chase is on for gamers to gather all 32 Legendary card types! Lastly, for more information head here & here!