What is Enjin Building Until The End of 2021?

Enjin Roadmap

Checking out the Enjin Roadmap for the Q4.

What’s Going on So Far

In a brief dialogue between Enjin’s Chief Operating Officer, Caleb Applegate, and Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Witek Radomski, they presented the highly-anticipated projects and ongoing plans that they have simultaneously running right now.

Aside from touching base and making sure that everyone from top to bottom within the whole Enjin ecosystem is on the same page and working in sync with each other according to their grand design, this informal talk serves as a general announcement for the sake of their community who are waiting for updates. 

They laid out what they have going on so far, the great strides that they have made in terms of developing the ecosystem from all angles as well as making sure that they keep the entire community in the loop because they want to assure the people that they are working extra hard this last quarter of 2021 so they can end the year strong. They focused on four, primary products for Q4 and they shared some great news and updates about these projects to inform their constituents that everything is on track as they have laid out on their roadmap. 

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image 10 Checking out the Enjin Roadmap for the Q4.
What is Enjin Building Until The End of 2021? 31

Right off the bat, they got into detail about JumpNet and what started as a simple way to circumvent absurdly high gas fees with a reliable EVM during its launch a few weeks back is now slated for a bigger role after Enjin interviewed their early adopters last week.

The Enjin team realized that they need to support smart contracts, early adopters, and game developers because everyone will eventually want to utilize it as a full network. That is why they are working tirelessly to enable smart contracts, build better-interconnected bridges, and make JumpNet more capable for larger purposes this last quarter.

Enjin Beam

image 9 Checking out the Enjin Roadmap for the Q4.
What is Enjin Building Until The End of 2021? 32

Bouncing on to their next topic is Beam, a very vital tool that provides users an amazing way to deliver an NFT to anyone by simply letting them scan a QR code with their devices. Aside from being used extensively by the people over at Microsoft to make their life easier, Beam has also unlocked the door for promotional opportunities for game developers. With that said, Enjin realized that they need to scale it up because even if they have recently increased its capacity to drop hundreds of thousands of NFTs in a single campaign, they want to improve it further because they want Beam to be able to drop millions in campaigns down the line.

After scaling it up, the next step is to upgrade it into a “self-serve system” for users so that when they are engaged in their projects and have their NFTs ready for dissemination, they can start distributing them with ease using Beam.

Wallet 2.0

image 8 Checking out the Enjin Roadmap for the Q4.
What is Enjin Building Until The End of 2021? 33

As for their V1 Engine Wallet, a highly successful mobile app that they have built from the ground up over the course of four years, they do not take it lightly that they have to rebuild it once again. But since they realized that they are going towards the multichain trajectory as Efinity is based on Polkadot.

The new wallet will contain social features and other engagement activities that people can do with their wallets including staking. And that is why they increased their mobile app development team and continue to work tirelessly because they want to release V2 before the year ends. 

NFT.IO Marketplace

Last but most certainly not least, Applegate and Radomski also tackled the topic of their burgeoning marketplace NFT.io which was originally announced to be released this September but the launch was pushed back a few months after careful deliberations.

The original plan was to get the core program running and the backend working smoothly so that they can create single campaigns for celebrities, influencers, or other popular public figures once or twice per month. But when they saw the very narrow and limited interface, they realized that people actually need the full NFT.IO capacity like the ability to relist their items as well as access to various options and different kinds of marketplace capabilities. And that is the main reason why they delayed the release in lieu of a bigger and better launch so that users can fully appreciate the new and improved NFT.IO experience.

Overall, things look really promising and the entire community of Enjin can rest assured that everything is on track and all of these projects will come to fruition from mid to late Q4 of this 2021.